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Toddle Tales Stories

Below you can see the stories that we currently explore...

We are always adding more stories each year too!


The Story of Noah

Come and meet Noah and a few of his animals! Children will be helping Noah build his ark and putting the animals on it, as well as bringing the flood to life!

There will be songs, puppets and much more to see.

This story is about obedience and how trusting in God goes a long way.


The Story of Joseph

Joseph is part of a large family, but the rest of his brothers do not like him and get rid of him...

Come and meet Joseph, his family and an important King, who was having some rather strange dreams about cows!

There will be songs, dressing up, puppets and more!

The theme of this story is that "God has a plan"

The Christmas Story

The traditional Christmas story done the Toddle Tales way...

Come and meet Mary, Joseph, the Angel Gabriel and a very cheeky donkey!

Oh and we mustn't forget about Baby Jesus either!

There will be songs, dressing up and more, as we learn the true meaning of Christmas.

The Easter Story

Toddle Tales presents the Easter Story in a very easy to understand way.

Children will meet Jesus, another cheeky donkey and the journey he takes to the cross...but of course the story doesn't end there

This one is fairly lengthy and is mostly driven by songs, actions and puppets.

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